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Wendy White

Wendy White

08 9756 8800 or 08 9756 8800

Wendy's Profile

Introducing Wendy White – Commercial management / Accounts

Wendy’s strengths are her flexibility in the working environment and her amiable nature

Wendy has been a resident of Dunsborough for 20 years, and has been involved in Real Estate in a part time capacity shortly after her husband Joe became Licensee of his first Real Estate business White McMullen, in 1996. At this time, her daughter Alice was nearly 3 years old. Wendy's initial role was that of Property Manager which she did for several years. However as demands of family increased with the birth of twin boys in 1999, she segued into the more flexible role of accounts and general administration.

Wendy has seen the transition of a somewhat smaller boutique style agency, through to the larger company which JMW Real Estate is today. She continues to manage all aspects of the general accounts as well as the sales trust accounting.
Wendy's strengths are her flexibility in the working environment, and her amiable nature. She has finely tuned her skills of paying attention to detail whilst in her role at JMW.

When asked if after 20 years in the same town, is it time for a change?, her response is prior to getting married and settling in Dunsborough, I was fortunate enough to have travelled to many parts of the world. Now that I know where paradise is, why would I leave??