Gayl Smythe Property Manager

Gayl made the move from Perth for a country life style over five years ago now and says it’s one of the best decisions she’s ever made! Gayl has numerous years experience in the Property Management field and we appreciate her passion for property, as well as her friendly and approachable nature.

Highly skilled in the day-to-day management of a residential property portfolio, immense care and attention to detail are a high priority for Gayl. She strives to maintain an efficient, thorough and streamlined service to owners, tenants and contractors alike.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Gayl made her home here in Western Australia 18 years ago and loves the lifestyle that this sunny, energetic state provides, particularly down here in the South West Region.

In her spare time Gayl enjoys movies, photography, flying her drone and escaping in her home on wheels called Wanda. Adventures and new experiences are high on Gayl’s agenda. She always looks forward to exploring more of Australia as well as further afield.

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